Newbie received Dual 1249 gift, need advice...

A client gave me his old Dual 1249. It has a Signet Model 100 Cartridge attached. The darn thing keeps repeating 3-5 second passages anywhere on the disc. I managed to locate a copy of the owners manual online, but it doesn't seem to be much help in this case. It seems that the arm needs more weight on the needle to prevent this.

The manual states that any cartridge with 1/2" spacing and weighing 5.5 - 10 g (including mounting hardware) should work.

Any thoughts?


If you are up to spending $25 on this, get a Shure stylus pressure gauge and try about 1.5 gms downforce.
1.5 grams of stylus force may be a bit lite. Try experimenting starting at 1.5 grams and ranging to 2.0 grams. A force gauge such as the Shure reccomended above makes this alot easier and more accurate as well.
Arm gimbol is probably broken assuming the tracking force isn't the problem- Table is a totalloss. Contact me for more info