newbie questiun on E88CC and ECC88

Are these tubes the same or what are the differences, any gotchas?
They are AFAIK, direct replacements in the 6922/6DJ8/7308 family. But you will get loads of opinions on which are the best in which product in which position. Try Joe's Tube Lore at audio asylum for detailed descriptions of just about every variant of each tube family. However, be aware that Russian and (I think) Chinese companies have bought the rights to many of the premium NOS tube names and there are widely varying opinions about their quality and sound. There are also TONS of fakes and pulls being sold as NOS, esp on Fleabay.
Google Brent Jessee for a good explanation of the differences.
6DJ8 heater current = 365 ma may not be best for/in all 6922 circuits*
7308 hc--------- = 335 ma " " " " " *
6922 hc--------- = 300 ma the "cool" one

* Check with manufacturer
Hi Calbrs03,
The Brent Jesse pages are perfect and some evenings worth of reading, thanks for pointing this one
You're welcome, Vinylmeister. Good luck hunting.
Philips and Siemens have made very good E88CC's and ECC88's. Philips still makes them. If you want the (presumably) best, go for a 288 and pay the price...
The E88CC are the "Select" version of the ECC88 6DJ8/6922. Vintage Mullard and Telefunken E88CC were usually made with GOLD PINS and have very close triode balances and very low noise and are typically longer lasting. I currently own sets of 4 Telefunken and 4 Mullard E88CC. I am in the process of evaluating both sets of tubes in my ARC LS25 MKI. I am also experimenting with vintage Mullard and Telefunken ECC88. Incidentally, the set of 4 Telefunkens (E88CC) was quite expensive (approximately $350 used). NOS of these tubes can run up to $600). Even with the regular vintage Mullard and Telefunken ECC88, the ARC LS25 MKI soars and goes up several notches in performance.