Newbie question re: USB quality

Thanks to everyone who has guided me to this point that I'm able to even ask this question! I'm learning quickly about computer audio and right now using a USB thumb drive with DSD files plugged into an OPPO 105 (non-Darbee edition). I'm getting good quality sound that is certainly superior to rebook CDs.

However, I've seen it mentioned in various articles on audio websites that USB as the interface has various weaknesses. Usually, this is just stated without any mention of other options. What other ways would I be able to get audio files to my Oppo. I have a Macbook Air, but other than connection via USB from the computer, I don't know if any other way to get files to the Oppo.

Again, I appreciate your willingness to help a technophobic newbie.


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If you have a properly set up USB dac and a reasonably well set up USB server, you are fine. I have tried many if not all mentioned options on this site. I do have a sotm td-USBexp out with battery power supply but the difference is minor at best. Concentrate on down stream. My view at this point is that speakers and their set up make the biggest difference. Vinyl still RULES but HD digital has never sounded been better.
As I have said in the past, USB done RIGHT sounds fantastic! If yours does not, it is not done RIGHT!.. No matter what "Fonzie" might jump over.
I find your choice of descriptive words interesting, "dinosaur". Hmmmm..............................
If I wanted to translate something from French to English I would not translate French to German to English. Unless I had no choice. As far as all the "grunge" they speak of, if you have a properly set up USB silent music server going into a dac that is PROPERLY SET UP FOR USB, there is no "grunge". If you don't have a properly set up server and you have "grunge" well maybe, except, instead, I would suggest you take those funds and do it right the first time eliminating the obvious extra step. To me simpler (less steps) is always better. Less to brake, less to connect and less clutter. Unless you are one of these audiophiles who likes a real long list of components on their virtual system. Another thing to consider is many companies make their living by solving problems that do not need solving when properly implemented. I will say, it made an interesting read.
Actually while I can not speak in tech terms, I have spoken to a few designers of dac's, including emm labs and dcs, they would strongly disagree with your view. (I recently in my last system I owned the Paganini Master Clock and Debussy dac. I only bring this up because you mentioned I know nothing about clocking). In fact I spoke with an engineer from emm labs today and ask about your point. He laughed. Now since your brought up my system as way of criticizing my knowledge, I have temporally listed it. I will tell you that my digital front end, in my view, is unrivaled. I have had much more expensive systems but none I have enjoyed more. Now if you take that money, that in my view would have been thrown away and add it to your dac money, problem solved. Now I find these posts entertaining because I know better. Others may not. So if your going to attempt a take down of someone make sure you know what you know.
I just noticed you own a benchmark dac1. Is that the HDR? If not it doesn't have USB. How do you even make a comparison? Not only that it was made in 2005. Some things have change in the last close to 10yrs. You preach how your way is better the USB yet you have no USB. You joke about my system that you had never seen nor heard. WOW! Keep posting.