newbie question- omega/meadowlark/traingle/reynaud

Hi. I used to use paradigm atom and 3se mkIII speakers for my old system. Now I'm thinking of upgrading my speakers but I've limited budget for each component.

My current system is:
NAD 521i CDP
Dared VP-20 tube amplifier with 18watts/ch
ASL LH-01 pre-amplifier (as headphone amplifier)
signal cable analog 2 IC
speaker cable borrowed from my brother (thus I don't know the brand)
mostly jazz/piano concerto/classical music

I am thinking of buying a pair of used speakers for about $500. I auditioned Triangle Titus and I quite like the sound. But I read from AA and here that Omega TSx speakers, Meadowlark Swift/Swallow and some others are good as well. Since I'm in an area that doesn't have a lot of audio shops, can you all recommend any speaker that's good for my application (and about $500 used)?

Also, the VP-20 has 12AX7 and 12AU7 pre-amp section, but it only has one input. My headphone amp (ASL LH-01) has 3 inputs and it would be nice if I can connect them together. Will they work well together?

any other suggestions will be appreciate as well.

oh I forgot to mention that my system is in a small room (12"x12"), so a smaller size of speakers will be preferred.

Clo, take a look at the Kinima G1 speakers for sale on A'gon. You can get the speakers, stands and wire for about what you are looking to spend. I have my G1s with an Audio Aero Capitole mkI and Prima amp and they sound great, even in my 10' by 14' room. Tight bass, smooth non bloated midrange and highs that are crisp but easy on the ear. Check out the website for info.
Von Schweikert VR-1 used. Paradigm studio 40 used. There are so many others in that price range, NHT Super one
Yes, lots of good options for small speakers in that price range. Soliloquy 5.0's or Proac Tablettes would be great and you might find a pair of Meadowlark Kestrals for close to that.
comparing Von Schweikert VR-1, Soliloquy 5.0, Proac Tablettes Reference 8, and Omega Super 3, which will you recommend the most in terms of imaging and dynamics, and speakers position (for me, it will need to be positioned close to wall in the back due to some limitation...)

Thanks a lot.
The JM Reynaud Twins are excellent speakers which you should be able to find used in your price range.
My experience is with only the Soliloquy 5.0 and Proacs. Both are wonderful speakers, the Soliloquys perhaps more rich and dynamic, the Proacs more precise with better imaging. Either benefit from matching with a subwoofer, of course, though the Soliloquys seems to have somewhat better bass than the Proacs when used without a sub. The choice between them would be a matter of your preference in sound and the rest of your gear, and room.

If putting the speakers against a wall is necessary, another alternative would be the Soliloquy SAT 5, similar to the 5.0 but with no rear port.
My wife has Reynauds in her system which are very musical. When she auditioned speakers, I liked the sound of the Triangle, but I go for detail and soundstaging which I thought they did better than the Reynauds. All depends on what you like...
Try the Von Schweikert VR-1. I have been through several pairs of speakers in the last few years in the $1000-$2500 range (Paradigm Reference, Mission) and these are certainly by far the most musical of those that I have had. You can find them used for about US$500.
pair of omega grande 8 speakers at 650 hit today...this is the upgraded model..a deal
I second the JM Reynaud Twin MK3 recomandation.

Good luck