Newbie question for amps: Sunfire, Anthem, Rotel?

Hey everybody. I am just starting to get into my system. I have an HT setup with Paradigm Studio V.3 (40's, 20's, CC 470, and sub). Still working on breaking speakers in.

I am looking for a good 5 channel amp (170 Watt+) to drive them. Currently I am powering them by an older Denon AVR. I have looked into the Sunfire Cinema Grand, Rotel 1095 and the Anthem MCA 50. All have gotten sound reviews and seem to hold their value, but won't break my wallet or piss my wife off too much.

Any suggestions? Any other amps for the value? I am sorry for posting again. I thought I found a similar thread, but couldn't find it again after searching.

Thanks again
Can't comment on the others, and suspect they're good pieces, but I've had an Anthem MCA 5 in my system for 5 (holy crow - five!?) years now, and it's the longest lasting piece I've had.
While it only does duty for the center and rear speakers, it's a nice unit, and I have no desire to change it. I used to have two HSU subs on the other channels, and the Anthem never ran out of gas. If my main 2-channel amp (Bryston 4B ST) died, I wouldn't have a problem with using the Anthem again.
Also note that the Anthem has an option of a signal sensing circuit for turn on, which is great for my multichannel purpose, as well as the fact that I have all Martin-Logan's and don't want to energize the power supplies every time I turn them on by an amp that uses a 12V turn-on from a pre-amp. Yes, it also has a standard 12V turn-on-all selected by a rear switch.
Good luck.
1) Parasound 2205a

Then the Anthem.
I have the anthem avm 20 and when I searched for an amp, I brought home an anthem and sunfire amp. The sunfire was so so sweet! Not that the anthem amp was not nice but for home theater I deeply desire an amp thats warm mellow and almost tube like in its sound. And the sunfire does it! The anthem I thought was a great value but had mabe an unnatural sound to it. The biggest thing is the anthem would end up being more bright or maybe too forward for those loud hollywood flicks. There both good just the sunfire is the amp designed for me!! On another note, I have read soooo much good stuff on the theta multichannel amps so this last weekend I brought it home to demo! I could not wait to toss that theta out of my system and put the sunfire back in. I cant believe I said that!! The theta has a better soundstage and nice airy sound to it but really fatigued my ears. I turned the treble down but still noticed it forward. I'm guessing in the mid range (possibly upper) area and lower treble. I guess I started to realize that I just cant listen to solid state except sunfire at this point of what I have listed too. I am thinking of going to tubes for the three front channels. Hope that helps?