Newbie question about bookshelf speakers and stand

Hi, I'm buying my first hi-fi system in a couple of days (I'm 34, way into music for 20 years now, and finally have the scratch to get something halfway decent) and am considering PSB Image B6 stereo bookshelf speakers. Question is, can I use basically any bookshelf speakers stand with them? In other words, is there a 'standard' for mounting these kinds of speakers?
Try to find a stand that is made well with quality componets and can be loaded if you need to with sand or other material to tighten or modify the sound characteristics if needed.

Buy something you like and is appropriate for your listening space. Ask for some suggestions from others who have your speakers and see what has worked for them.

Don't forget to take into account your flooring and the possibility of coupling and or decoupling your speakers from it.

There are many choices available and I am sure you will receive many recommendations. Like most things we buy you will more than likely be drawn to some designs more than others,(I like monitor stands from Dynaudio, Skylan and Target) your own good taste will help you to decide.

Good luck in your search!!!
Kinda like a cheap speaker can sound good on a great stand but a great speaker will suck on a cheap stand...The three stands mentioned by Tom6897 are good choices..I am using the 4 post Skylan and like them very much..
Your PSB dealer probably will stear you to the right stand.
I don't know what your budget is, but for what it's worth, read the review of the Dynaudio X12s in the current S'phile magazine. I don't put much faith in just reading reviews, but based on this one, I'd at least give these a listen.
Height is what is most important. Tweeterd should be close to ear level in most set ups.