newbie question about bi-amp

i have a mac ma6450 and a mac ma6100. can i use the two units to bi-amp? if so how do the connections work? thanks for any help you can give. regards
THe only advantage to bi-amp is if you need more power due to being under or close to the speaker mfgr recommened power range.

THat said, use 'Y' splitter at amp end of IC from Pre then attach both to one amp. Repeat on other side to second amp. Then one spker cable from each amp to Spker Bass, the other to speaker Treble.

If you do not have double Inputs at speakers do not bi-amp. Though you can bi-wire by attaching Bass and Treble speaker Output to a single amp connector, do not reverse the process by connecting two amp Outputs to single speaker input.

The only other issue is that both amps have the same Gain (refer to amp manual, or contact mfgr). Otherwise the integration between bass and treble is thrown off by one channel being essentially turned up louder than the other, corrupting the design of the crossover.