newbie question about amps and SMGa speakers

I have inherited a pair of SMGa and need to find an appropriate amp to drive them. I know I need a lot of power at 4 Ohms. I also need something called high current. It is my b/day next week so the timing is right so I need to start looking. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
I am not familiar with the SMGa, but I have driven the MMG's with my PS Audio 100 Delta amp, rated at 200W into 4 ohms and had great sound. I also drove them with a Hafler 9130 rated at 75W into 4 ohms -- and a lot less current -- and had satisfactory sound. Decent amps with adequate current?? I would think Parasound, Bryston, and PS Audio--if you can find one. The Parasounds are probably the most economical/readily available.

Good luck!
Hi Monstrol,

I have had some experience with the SMGa and also MG-10 as well other Maggies. A friend of mine drove his SMGa's wth a Parasound and achieved respectable results as the previous response states. Maggies do like current. I drove my MG-10's with an Aragon 4004 MKII (200wpc/8ohms) and liked it fine. When I was selling them, my dealer sent me home with a PSE studio IV (100wpc/8ohms) because the prospective buyer was going to need an amp and he knew this amp to be a good match. I was quite embarrassed because the PSE sounded so much better than my pride and joy Aragon. Something is very synergistic between the PSE and Maggies. I sold my MG-10's along with the amp for the dealer. I dumped the Aragon soonafter and moved on. I currently have a studio IV with oak sides in mint condition that I am willing to sell for $350.00 firm as it is my spare. I don't think you'll find a better value in an amp even if you don't buy mine! Contact me at if you are interested. Good luck!