Newbie Question

I just purchased a 2/4 channel Pioneer Elite Amp m-72. I am currently running a VSX-41 Pioneer Elite receiver. I am attempting to get better musicality from my Mirage M890i towers. Their have two sets of terminals. Can I run two channels from the amp to one speaker and two to the other; of course observing polarity. This amp delivers 50 watts at 8 amps in this mode and 100 watts in two channel. The speakers call for 6 amps. Would it be better to just use stereo two channel wiring to this amp or would I get better performance the way I have spelled out above?

Lastly, could someone please explain to me "Bridging."

Thanks for your help if you can offer it.

Bridging is when you combine "bridge" both left and right channel power supply rails to form one "bridged" power channel. In a sense, you now have a monoblock amplifier.

I think you are referring to speaker impedance (i.e. 8 ohm load not 8 amps).
Thank you. You are correct. My Mirage speakers are 8 Ohm NOT Amp.