Newbie Q

Hi All,

No doubt an easy question but I am a newbie to the PC stuff so apologies in advance.

I would like to purchase something similar to the transporter in order that I can stream music from a PC or dedicated hard drive and play it through my system.

I intend to use the DAC in my CD Player so suspect that purchasing the Transporter is not a very economic idea.

What would be the best thing to buy that is currently on the market for streaming where you intend to use an existing DAC?

Many thanks

I suggest you google "Trends" if you don't want to spend much money. For top sound have a look at the Empirical Audio webside.
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Get the Squeezebox. It's significantly less money than the Transporter, but offers similar functionality particularly if you're planning on using an external DAC with it.

I'd start with a trends device and keep your USB cable length to 2 meters or less to get experience of what your computer would provide. If you like the trends, then consider something pricier.
Hi James.

This may be a silly question, but what outputs does your PC's soundcard have and what inputs does your CDP have?
Many thanks all for the replies. It seems the trends device or the squeezebox is best and that I would be wasting my money using a transporter if I am using the DAC of the CD Player. I was considering purchasing Neal Van Berg's music vault or something similar for storing the music. Any views?