Newbie Phono Preamp for Clearaudio Concept TT

Be kind because I'm just starting to wade into the waters of MC. I just purchased a Clearaudio Concept TT. I'd like to get a phono preamp so I can give MC a try. Willing for used or new in the $600-$400 range. Seems the Clearaudio Preamps are rated ok but I bet their are some very good opinions here to help me. Thanks for your thoughts. :<)
SimAudio Moon LP3.
Which cartridge? Did you get the Clearaudio MC cartridge that comes packaged with the Clearaudio Concept? If no, which cart do you plan on using?
I'll take a look at the moon - Tanks!

It came with a Clearaudio MM cart. I'll use that until I get preamp and then MC. From what I've read you can use the preamp with the MM. There are some nice used MM here. So, maybe try to get a slightly used MC here. But, I'd take recommendations for a MC also - say $1500-$800.

MM/MC phono amps in your price range ($400-$600):

PS Audio GCPH ($999 new, used in your price range)
Musical Surroundings Phonomena 2 ($600 new)
Lehmann Black Cube ($699 new)
Dynavector P75 Mk II ($850 new, used in your price range)

MC Carts ($800-$1500)

Audio Technica AT33EV ($589 new)
Clearaudio Concept MC ($800 new)
Dynavector 20X2 ($850 new)
Benz Ace SL ($900 new)
Dynavector 17D3 ($1,150 new)
Benz Micro Glider SL ($1,200)
Lyra Delos ($1,650)

Hope this helps and gives you some ideas to research. The obvious choice is to go Clearaudio MC cart as you know it will be synergistic with your Verify tonearm. On the cart suggestions, you should make sure that the carts suggested above work with the Verify tonearm.

Good luck
Thanks for all the input.