Newbie needs recommendation for ripping & storage solution with Bryston BDP-1

I have a Bryston DAC-1, and a BDP-1 player arriving any day, and am looking for a ripping & storage solution for my 2-channel main system. I do have a CAT5e connection available for the BDP-1 and a home network that could support a NAS device. I do not use Apple devices at home; I just use my work-issued PC and Android device. I do have an unused PC laptop that I could dedicate to audio, and I don’t mind buying an Apple device if it makes life much easier. I have a small CD collection for an audiophile (less than 200) that I want to rip into FLAC (or similar) and play with the BDP-1, and I want to start using a music service (no preference) for high-quality downloads. So, with a “green field” opportunity like this, what solutions do you recommend for ripping, downloading, storage, and retrieval from the BDP-1 considering 1) ease of use, 2) reliability 3) cost and 4) sound quality. (I put sound quality last only because the reading I have done indicates that FLAC files presented to the BDP-1 are going to sound excellent with any reasonable selection of upstream storage and interfaces – my ears are only so good. But correct me if I am wrong here). Thanks in advance for any guidance!


You may want to consider the Bryston BOT-1 Optical Transport. 

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I have owned a Bryston BDP-1/BDA-1 combo for a couple years and enjoy it immensely. I ripped my cd collection in FLAC (along with a large number of CDs from my local library) to my HP desktop and then copied the file onto multiple thumb drives. The BDP-1 accepts up to 4 thumb drives. I use my Apple iPad as a remote and it gives me the capability to easily access any of the music in my library. I could never go back to a single drawer player.  Enjoy your Bryston!  
Along with answers you receive here , I would also check out Audiocircle's website . There is a dedicated forum with Bryston employees answering any technical questions you may have .And numerous Bryston owners chiming in .
If you use a PC to do the ripping, get dBPoweramp software. That is what I use with my BDP-1/2 combo. I rip the CD on the PC (which is internet connected), and dBPoweramp automatically downloads the album art. It also needs the internet to check its database for ripping accuracy.

Once a CD is ripped to a FLAC file, I save the FLAC file to a USB hard drive that is then connected to my BDP-1.

You may also want to check to be sure you have the later version of Manic Moose on the BDP-1. The latest MPD (music player) is sonically improved over the versions in the older Looney Loones software.

Check with Chris at Bryston for details.