Newbie Needs McIntosh Help

I own a pair of B&W 805 Diamonds, looking to upgrade to a McIntosh system and need some help choosing an integrated amp. Stuck between buying a MA6300 and a MCD201 or a MA6600 and continuing to use my existing CD until I can upgrade the CD. I'm thinking the MA6600 over the MA6300 for the future in the event I'd like to upgrade the speakers to larger diamonds. Would like to stay with McIntosh. Thank you!
As a long time McIntosh owner I would say go with the latest and most power you can afford. You won't be disappointed. If you can wait on the CDP, that will allow you to spend more on the intergrated. Or maybe consider seperates.
For sure make the extra investment in the MA6600 for the fuller "McIntosh" sound and the extra power gives flexibility for future speaker changes, particularly as you are already considering moving to larger Diamonds. BTW, while the MCC201 is a very good sounding CDP (I enjoyed one for a year), be aware that some of the MCD201 units had operational issues -- albeit fixable by the McIntosh factory.
Having the MA6600, I have found it too be a true gem. Add the new cd player or perhaps a music server later. The MA6600 is a real keeper in which you could really build a special system around.
Agree with other posters, get the best amp you can now and upgrade cdp later.