Newbie needs info on modest laptop speakers

Hi - I'm very much a everything I've browsed in the forums so far looks like Greek to me...!! I have a laptop provided by my employer so am limited to what I can do, except maybe hook up a good set of speakers. What I'm looking for is "gotchas" like the speakers need to be a minimum wattage, etc.
for a Dell D630 Latitude. Thank you!!
What I use at home and at work are the Klipsch ProMedia powered sat/sub combo. You just connect it to your computer via the audio out and adjust the volume through the left speaker knob or iTunes. I was able to buy these for under a $100 per set, but I think they have been discontinued.

If you want to spend a little more for better performance consider the NHT powered PC speakers.

Good luck!
Here's a good solution for about $450: Devilsound USB DAC and some Audioengine A2 speakers. I am using the Devilsound DAC in my main system, while my Wavelength DAC is in the shop under going some changes, and the little Devilsound is quite good! At my office I use the Audioengine A5 speakers and thay are very good. And, I've only read positive stuff about the A2's.

What do mean "gotchas" as in low wattage speakers?
Take a listen to the new Acoustic Energy sub and sats for computer. amazing value at maybe $250 USD. if you want something really really nice, look at the Focal XS, i guess they might be about $550 USD. they're both just jaw dropping good. when we had the Acoustic Energy units on for a demo, we sold 5 pairs in an hour, 4 of them to staff. They are that good.
I am an Audio Engine dealer and, especially, the A5 at $349 a pair including all the cables you will need and an iPod dock is unbeatable.
The A2s are only $199. These are beautifully made and sound great.
Check their user comments on line.

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Klipsch is good and CNET turned me on to Logitech which has good cheap line that does job.