Newbie needs info on modest laptop speakers

Hi - I'm very much a everything I've browsed in the forums so far looks like Greek to me...!! I have a laptop provided by my employer so am limited to what I can do, except maybe hook up a good set of speakers. What I'm looking for is "gotchas" like the speakers need to be a minimum wattage, etc.
for a Dell D630 Latitude. Thank you!!
Are you thinking of desktop monitors or speakers to actually fill a more or less large listening room with (or something fulfilling both requirements)?

Anyway, if you intend to build a system consisting of only your laptop and a set of speakers, take a look at this active monitor, that I found quite amazing in terms of speed, dynamics and detail (which is how I interpret "gotchas").

Then again, any advice is dependent on another question, though: your budget please?
Karelfd is right..for instance, if budget is no issue, then...

If you're strapped for cash and are limited to mass market products, these are widely available, sound okay and if you're a Sam's Club member, only $70...

Then there are plenty of solutions that fall in between...for instance...

Let us know budget, size restrictions, whether you're willing to visit a speciality store to purchase, etc and we can make some further recommendations.
What I use at home and at work are the Klipsch ProMedia powered sat/sub combo. You just connect it to your computer via the audio out and adjust the volume through the left speaker knob or iTunes. I was able to buy these for under a $100 per set, but I think they have been discontinued.

If you want to spend a little more for better performance consider the NHT powered PC speakers.

Good luck!
Here's a good solution for about $450: Devilsound USB DAC and some Audioengine A2 speakers. I am using the Devilsound DAC in my main system, while my Wavelength DAC is in the shop under going some changes, and the little Devilsound is quite good! At my office I use the Audioengine A5 speakers and thay are very good. And, I've only read positive stuff about the A2's.

What do mean "gotchas" as in low wattage speakers?
Take a listen to the new Acoustic Energy sub and sats for computer. amazing value at maybe $250 USD. if you want something really really nice, look at the Focal XS, i guess they might be about $550 USD. they're both just jaw dropping good. when we had the Acoustic Energy units on for a demo, we sold 5 pairs in an hour, 4 of them to staff. They are that good.
I am an Audio Engine dealer and, especially, the A5 at $349 a pair including all the cables you will need and an iPod dock is unbeatable.
The A2s are only $199. These are beautifully made and sound great.
Check their user comments on line.

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Klipsch is good and CNET turned me on to Logitech which has good cheap line that does job.
Mackie MR5's or 624MkII's if you can manage to budget a bit more.

Audition at a local Guitar Center and take home for a no hassle 30 day period.
I returned my MR5's no questions asked to step up to the 624MKII's.
The Swans HIVI SW3 are about 80 bucks and include a t-amp. No real deep bass, but wonderful soundstaging and really enjoyable. The AudioEngine 2's sounded very hifi to me, the single driver SW3's sound more natural. There is a short review on 6moons. Kind of hard to find..look for the HIVI website
How do the AudioEngine 5 speakers compare to the NHT M00/S00 alternative?