Newbie needs help with Amp and Pre

I recently acquired a pair of Dunlavy SC-1s (I know Dunlavy is out of business...I'm also aware it is easy to match their drivers). I had a pair of Heritage series Klipsch Quartets that I was powering with a vintage McIntosh amp and pre. The old Klipsch sounded pretty good after letting the Mc stuff heat up for an hour or so. But, using the old Mc stuff with the Dunlavy's is a nightmare. The amp and pre sound "very" old and slow. The reason behind my purchase of the Dunlavy's is a fond memory of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells through SC-1's 8 years ago. I purchased an Adcom 555II amp and a Belles pre to get me by until I decide what to purchase. Can anyone, please, give advice on a match.

I am no longer in touch with the person who owned the little Duny's. I have no Idea what he was using for power or pre. I do know that he was a bit of an Audio Elitist.

The reason for selling the old Klipsh was the deep-ear bruising I woke up with every morning, after extensive listening.
I have a suspicion that the Dunlavys sound slow because the Klipsches are so blindingly fast, and you've grown accustomed to that. This also explains the deep-ear bruising. Give yourself time to acclimatise to the new, slow sound, or consider another, gentler type of sensitive/fast sepaker (the type I favour, so I understand what you're talking about). Of course, you could start playing the powerful/fast amp game, but that'll be expensive and then you, too, will be an Audio Elitist, and it still won't equal the Klipsches for slam and power. On the other hand, your ears won't be bruised.
Whats your price range?