Newbie needs help - bought rega p1 need more toys

recently I came across a record store that was going out of business - which sparked my interest in vinyl again and well.. I bought a ton of vinyl.

My brother recommended that I get a rega p1 to start with - which I did.

Now comes the fun part., He has a rega brio amp - I think I want to go more of an old school route. I was thinking about picking up a Mcintosh c39 and building from there - haven't even started thinking speakers yet.

While I know this is all subjective and really depends on personal taste but I would like some advice from people more experienced.

I am giving myself 6 months to buy the equipment and in the meantime I am still collecting vinyl as I come across.

I'm not looking for top of line - and I don't want to spend a tremendous amount. Judging by the rega p1 and the mcintosh that should give a ballpark idea of budget for the individual pieces.

I would like a good system for casual listening in a small(er) room.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and your time!