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Looking for suggestions for a quality budget friendly powered usb hub to be used between  my iPhone 7 (using Apple camera C usb cable) & my Peachtree Dac Itx (using its usb input). The dac needs power so I’ve been using the Apple camera C charging port but suppose a separate powered USB hub would be preferable; but don’t know if that’s actually true Any help would be very appropriated. Thx 

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@melbguyobe. Thx for your reply but no, I’m not trying to charge my phone. My phone doesn’t provide enuf power for the dac and I need a powered usb hub to do so. I’ve been using the charging port of the Apple camera C USB adapter which allows the dac to function but  forces me to charge my phone(at all times)- which I’d like to avoid being forced to do if possible. Anyone have a solution?? Thx
MEL- Interesting info. This message from Peachtree might shed some light for you:
Mike -

Since the XMOS USB circuit in the DAC•iT X draws its power from the USB bus, a powered USB hub needs to be used when connecting to the iPhone. (Sorry I failed to mention this in our communications!) If you wish to return the DAC•iT X we will send you a prepaid FedEx label.


Hope that gives you a clearer idea; looks to me like the dac(which is a full size dac btw) requires add’l power. I’m just wondering if there’s a better option than my Apple lightening charging cable so I won’t have to be constantly charging/overcharging my phone whenever I listen to my headphones/dac. Appreciate your input very much. 
Thx but I’m EXTREMELY elated w my Peachtree dac; it’s analog(vinyl like) sound is phenomenal.  I was skeptical reading the unanimously fawning reviews, but happily surprised to find them to be absolutely true & accurate. The Peachtree  Dac itX performs FAR above its  price point. It’s not easy to find tho and I feel very fortunate to have acquired mine directly from Russ @ Peachtree. I encourage you, and anyone to audition this dac for themselves. Cheers, Mike
Oh yes. I believe you are correct Sir & that item should do the trick. Really appreciate your input & help. Thx very much. Cheers, Mike
Absolutely helps. I’m just frankly amazed that this seemingly simple issue is this friggin complicated. Ha. Thx so much for your knowledgeable input. Cheers,  Mike
@david_ten   Thx for pointing me to a reclocker, which I’ve heard before but without your direct and clear explanation/benefit. I’ll check your recco’s for compatibility and I assume they provide their own power AND enuf power for the dac as well? And yes, I’m currently using the newest version of Apple camera adapter(the one w 1 usb output & 1 lightening output). Thx again, Mike
@courant. One thing I truly hope I’m just not seeing- how can I use that power bank w my set-up ( iPhone 7 >Apple USB-C (camera adapter). USB-C output > dac usb input, & lightening charge cable>USB hub ( which now I’m using a standard plugged into AC outlet USB hub) without automatically charging my iPhone unnecessarily, and causing the dac to stop working? Thx for your help. Mike
Yeah I’ve decided to go with the Wyred 4 Sound Recovery for $149 from the manufacturer (via Amazon) I  feel it’s an easy choice, if half the reviews are legit. Ha. Thx for your recco. I gotta good feeling about it, and as you pointed out, it also solves my initial problem. Any other ideas/suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Mike