Newbie needs HELP!

Looking for suggestions for a quality budget friendly powered usb hub to be used between  my iPhone 7 (using Apple camera C usb cable) & my Peachtree Dac Itx (using its usb input). The dac needs power so I’ve been using the Apple camera C charging port but suppose a separate powered USB hub would be preferable; but don’t know if that’s actually true Any help would be very appropriated. Thx 

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You are welcome Mike. Most of the reclockers are plug and play, but sometimes there can be hiccups. You are probably fine ordering whichever brand ’speaks’ to you (without checking) since it will most likely work out of the box. Most (if not all) of the reclocker brands have return privileges.

The benefits from putting one in your chain are significant and immediately apparent. Additional improvements over a short break in time, as well.

All the best.
@mstrauss  You will benefit from using a 'reclocker' between your iPhone and your DAC. There are a number of options like the Sonore microRendu, Wyred4Sound Reclocker, SoTM, etc.

This will not only solve the problem you are trying to address, but also improve overall sound quality and musical performance. A true win - win with a small additional investment.

The 'reclockers' come with their own power supply, which can be upgraded to a linear power supply for even greater sound quality improvements. See how you like overall performance via the stock switch mode supply (wall wart) and decide accordingly. It is a worthwhile second future step. 

Whichever device you go with, check with Peachtree for compatibility (or the manufacturer of the reclocker).

Good luck.
If you don't already have one (I am assuming you do, given your question) you will need the iPhone 'camera adapter' or lightning to USB 3 adapter.