Newbie needs help?

I purchased a new Harmon Kardon t35c the other day(my first turntable) and hooked it up to my vintage receiver and really liked it! I would like to try it in my main rig but my Bryston B-60 does not have a phono card. I would like to only spend about $200 new or used for a phono pre-amp until I decide that I am going to really get into vinyl. The cartridge that came with the unit is a Stanton 681 EEE. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I know almost nothing about turntables.
You can use the tape output from the HK into your Bryston if you just want to see how it sounds?
As far as phono pre's, I would only pick one in that price range: Cambridge 640. It's excellent for the money, no gimmicks, very compatible. Much better than the 540 too.
Rega makes very good products as well. Another possiblity would be Sumiko.
Another vote for the Cambridge...very good value.