Newbie needs Help

I have a Pioneer 56 Thxi integrated reciever it will not allow both 7.1 and multi room one or the other.I like my 7.1 so how can I take some other output like cd tape phono etc and feed it into an old Yamaha reciever which can drive my speakers in another room?? I have tried cd out, tape vcr nothing seems to work????

Any Help greatly appreciated
I'm not familiar with your Pioneer, but most recievers will have a tape out or record. This should give you a fixed output which you can then plug into an input on the Yamaha and control with the Yamaha.

you can use the tape(monitor) selection on your reciever what you want to do is run a pair of RCA's from the output(record)
to the input on the other reciever that you wish to use I hope this helps you on your way and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask Greg
Just a guess but you may have to go into the menu to activate record-out.---I don't own one of these so I'm just guessing. I do know, in an older unit,this feature would be active full time.---Don't 'cha just 'new-tech'?
thanks for all of the responses I've tried them all and had a modicum of success, I can get sound from the tuner to the other rooms but not from the dvd player which is a 47ai elite player. I even connected the 2 channel out to the Yamaha and no dice. btw I am conneccted from the dvd to rvcr via a firewire cable
Have you tried an analog connection from the 47 to the receiver? I'm guessing the copy protection for SACD is working on everything sent thru the firewire.
Eureka the Eagle has landed. I finally figured it out.
I had to also hook up the 5.1 analogs from the dvd to the rcvr. Then I ran 2 rca's from the players 2ch out to the second rcvr's
vcr inputs then when playing back sacd's I have to use the analog multi channel in instead of the digital firewire inputs. Then I ran another set of rca's from the vcr out of the main rcvr to the "cd in" on the second rcvr and that handles the tuner or anything else coming through the main amp. Yeah