Newbie needs cabling HELP.

My first system (will be my second system after remodel).
Rega Mira 3 integrated
Rega Planet 2000 cdp
Totem Arros
Medium room (15x25x8.5), hardwood with rugs, some glass, speakers flanking cabinet in corner (I know,it's no good, but room improvements and other placement out of the question if I want to stay married).
Need cable suggestions.
I bought the Arros for looks (again, my wife), sound staging, and the ability to be near the walls. Also, I don't need deep bass (old house with vibrations). I bought the Regas to warm up the Arros.
Looking for cables to match...ics and speaker. Would like warm sound with detail, but not too bright. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Considering Nordost Blue Heaven, Kimber 4tc, maybe Cardas Golden Cross (would rather not spend that much).
BTW, I assembled this system from lurking on this great site for quite a while. It's been a blast.
Thanks in advance.
I like the Straightwire IC's, and you can find a good deal on some Tara Labs speaker cables every now and then. I also recommend that you try upgrading you power cable it can make a HUGE difference.
Analysis Plus Oval 12. has both qualities you want. Nordost, from my understanding, is not warm. Not sure about Kimber.
I would also audition Transparent cables ... to me, they are the closest thing to real music. Good listening!!
Just to add to my previous post. The A.P. IC match for the speaker cables would be the Copper Oval.
Nice system, especially for being your first.

I've owned Analysis Plus Oval 9 and liked them, they sound very full and forgiving to me. However it seems they are very system dependent, so results and opinions can vary quite dramatically. I've never used their ICs other than the Sub Ovals I currently run to my Bryston sub amp.

I owned Golden Cross for a few years and it is what you may be searching for. It sacrifices a bit of soundstaging and top end extension, but has a glorious midrange. Very, very good. I wouldn't spend that much on your system yet. I think it's a better to get a feel for what you like with less expensive cables.

For a year I had a system completely outfitted with Virtual Dynamics Nite and Audition cables and cords. Not exactly warm, but never harsh. Maybe smooth and cool is a better way to describe them. A little rolled off on the top, but very good soundstaging and extended bass.

For the past week I've had an all Acoustic Zen cable compliment and think it is very good. The Matrix II is probably a good bet for what you're looking for. Decently extended on both ends, with full midrange. You might want to consider the cheaper AZ WOW cables.

You may want to avoid silver cables because in general they offer a leaner sonic balance with extended high freqs and sometimes thin bass. So if I had to make a suggestion it would be Acoustic Zen WOW interconnects with Acoustic Zen Epoch speaker cables and Virtual Dynamics Basic power cords.

Good luck!
Try Chris's flavor 1 power cord would help too. We got very good result on Rega 2000 CDP. Better imaging with slight warm sound and lower ground noise floor for under $40.

Monster M 1.2 or M 1.4(for bi-wiring) cables are warm sounding and very compatible too.

Van den Hul cables also tend to the warm side but they are silver plated and a bit more system dependent.

Just my five cents...
Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I can't wait to try some of these out! I'll try to follow up with results.