newbie mania

New to high end. Was turned on to a setup within my means..proac tablettes and primaluna amp. Got the tablettes and have run them through my old JVC amp which just died.

Thinking about primaluna prologue two. But so much out there. Hope to move to proac floorstanding speakers at some point--maybe response 2.5 to get the bass extension. other than that, I love my tablettes.

would love to hear any and all opinions. SS v tube amps in the 1500-2200 dollar range. Path aleph? Vincent? I'm so confused at the moment. I send flac files from imac a lot these days. I listen to a ton of eclectic music, classical, contemporary classical, computer music, jazz. Any help much appreciated.
I have proac tablettes too, and run a Cayin 88 and 100 into them. Great sound, great value. You should be able to get a 100 for about $2K used. Cayin and Primaluna are made by the same company.
Wow..that's a beautiful looking amp. there's one for sale here too! Would it be suitable for response 2.5s as well?
The impedance curve of the 2.5's is very benign, rarely dropping below 8 ohms... so yes, either the Cayin 88 or the 100 will work well. Definitely recommend you go with tubes, regardless of what you end up with.
fwiw, my high end dealer auditions proac with (50w) pass lab ss integrated and it sounds great, although i think it'll be above your budget. in any event, if you're using the computer as a source, you're gonna want to use an external dac, so you may consider something like a peachtree nova or hk990, which have quality inboard dacs and give you a lot of flexibility for future upgrades.
check out anything from rogue if you are in the market for tubes, great sound , easy to use, easy to bias the tubes, great value, good luck.
Many thanks for the tips. I'd been looking at the Peachtree, though a few reviews seemed underwhelmed. Nice to have the headphone option, as i live in an apartment, though it's not the most pressing concern. Had looked at a Pass Aleph here on audiogon at a good price and some seem to feel that SS is more precise and responsive. Will look into Rogue. Cayin over Primluna? Really? All quite puzzling! While I'm all over the map...any nice cable suggestions ~200 bucks or less? Upscale sells Ah! cables but I don't see anyone here selling them. maybe they're lame?
"any nice cable suggestions ~200 bucks or less?"

Marburg, the amp you choose for yours speakers can have an influence on your cable decision, so you're a little premature IMO.