Newbie looking for speakers

Hello I'm new to this site.  I just picked up a Sansui 5700 receiver and a pair of Pioneer HPM 60's.  I'm having fun with the retro system.  I'm interested in serious speakers with a budget around 3000.00.  Any helpful information about speakers, pre amp, etc would be absolutely amazing.  Thank you -Joe
What kind of music do you listen to? How do you listen to it? IMO that drives everything else. 

I listen to "age of vinyl" music that lacks the bright sound of modern music. It also lacks the show-off your subwoofer deep notes. Not my generation. For me clean, tight bass with punch and definition is a must. I need strong, accurate highs with weight. I also listen to some of the modern stuff including trance. 

I bought a pair of Sonus faber Venere 3.0, a center and 2 walls for $3.5k new. I bought a Krell Showcase processor and 5 channel amp on here for under $2k. I have a Rel T9i sub - not your shake the walls sub but accurate and clean. 

All totaled that system set me back $6k. I have an old 1995 JVC receiver that I use for older music that actually sounds great ($50?) 

I may not have the most awesome audio system in the world but I do not care. I love it. In the end that is all that really matters. Never take your mind off that. Follow your ears. 
So you asked for speakers. The smartest audio purchase I ever made is the Ascend Acoustics Sierra Tower with RAAL tweeter. Costs a bit under $3,000 and I couldn't be happier.

Powering them with a Rogue ST-90, Perseus Pre-amp and Cambridge Azur streamer.

I am pretty happy
Millercarbon said, 

"Then IF that were my goal I would strongly consider the speakers as the first but certainly not the most important component. Because equally important are the speaker cables, amp, interconnects, power cords, source components, and tweaks like room treatments. It all works together. Neglect any one over the others and you will pay. Big time.

What this means in real terms is a system with $3k speakers is going to be about a $15k system- with the remaining $12k being something like a $4k tube integrated amp, $4k turntable and phono stage, and $4k power cords, speaker cables, interconnects, room treatments. Ballpark."

I can't find anything in that jszz that I agree with, ESPECIALLY when being said to a guy who's admittedly new to the hobby. OP, please disregard everything millercarbon suggests in it's entirety. 

Assuming your Sansui is in decent working order, there's nothing wrong with pair a couple of decent $3000 speakers with it. I mix up new with old to fine effect and satisfaction. Spending as much on cables as you do on speakers is simply absurd. There's some good advice up there. I'm going to suggest the Focal 926 because those seem to be comparable to the Ascend suggested above and they're not hard to drive. Take things step by step, experiment, and learn. And most definitely don't give too much credit to anybody's opinion, especially when they suggest $4000 cables and "tweaks" for $3000 speakers. 
Thanks everyone for their response! 

I would like to give everyone an update on my current situation in my emerging audiophile journey.  

$2500 Integrated receiver  Yamaha 
$2000 Speakers Martin Logan 40 Solid warm sound for my analog
$350 Sub Definitive 1000 
$180 Technics Turntable Vintage (excellent condition)
$0 sitting around iMac laptop with Lacie drive (tons of Music from a Audiophile Friend) Spotify, Relisten etc 
$100 Dragonfly DAC for iMac
$500 Marantz CD player  HD-1
$80 Harman Kardon Bluetooth connect
$200 Audioquest Cables and Wire
plus $500 of vinyl new and used


Priceless enjoyment!