Newbie looking for amplifier advice


After much painful research, I decided to purchase a Ryan R610. I heard Sonus Faber, Dynaudio, Magnepan etc but decided that a bookshelf is the best fit for my apartment living room.  

Room is 19x12x8 with carpeted floor and huge glass window. I have been advised Belles Aria but wondering if there is a DAC integrated around $2500 which can match this amp.

Specifically, the Parasound Halo catches my attention but am concerned about DAC longevity and have been hinted that Parasound isn't such a value for money as, say, Emotiva. 

Anyone run a Ryan/Belles combination? 
I run the Ayre CODEX and second ctsooner's recommendation that you seriously consider it; even though it would eat up a good part of your budget, it is that good.  I also second his endorsement of John Rutan; he's probably the best in the biz.
Thanks for those who suggested going with Ayre Codex. I agree that a higher quality DAC with a budget (or even used) integrated is a good way to go. I noticed that the Codex is a fully balanced design, which is great.

However, I will need a streamer too. The Auralic Altair is a DAC+streamer for a cost similar to the Ayre Codex. Isn't that also a great product?

I will make it a point to visit John in person very soon
I cannot comment on the Auralic.  It might be a great product but the Codex's filters (no pre ringing and minimal post ringing), output stage (Diamond output stage), zero feedback, and massive power supply give it incredible drive and clarity.  Can you find a streamer that has a USB audio out?  Then you can demo a bunch of DACs and figure out what you love.  

John will give you honest advice.  He has steered me away from buying stuff from him when he doesn't see the value or the he doesn't think the synergy is right.  
I wouldn't run the Aurelic over a Codex.  Night and day sound wise. I have heard the Altair a bunch as two of the dealers I frequent run them. One has Ayre and we have done side by sides and not one person has chosen the Altair.  Go get a cheap streamer. I know a few are being worked on that will be very inexpensive, but not sure when they will come to market.  I'll ask someone I know who owns a digital review site and see what he recommends for the least expensive streamer to go with the Codex.