Newbie looking for advice...

I'm looking to assemble a warm (yet rocking) musical system for a 10' X 11' room with a budget of about $6K. I know this isn't much for a truly killer analog setup, but I love the rich and cozy sound of tubes and vinyl so I'm trying to make it happen! I listen to mostly classic rock, funk, and some jazz. The majority of my music is vinyl, but I also have a ton of FLAC's on my Macbook pro and assorted hardrives. I don't need a CD player, or a tuner.

I inherited some gear from my father and was wondering if I should keep it, integrate pieces of it, or sell it all and start over? This is what he left me:

Adcom ACE-515 AC Enhancer
Adcom GFP-555 Preamp
Adcom GFA-555 Power amp (needs repair - has one blown channel)
Technics 1200MK2 (with no cartridge)
Creek OBH-8 MM Phono preamp

He had this hooked up to Infinity Kappa 7's (which I didn't inherit) and I remember it being face-meltingly LOUD and fun, but not very sweet, detailed or "holographic". I am not looking for skull crushing volume, I am looking for a transcendent and dimensional listening experience where you can hear what kind of wood Frank Zappa's guitar is made of!

I'm totally open to buying used (even older/classic) equipment here on Audiogon, there seems to be tons of great gear/deals, but the selection is overwhelming and I don't know where to start! Any advice would be great!
If it were me, I would opt to change my components to get the sound you want. Look at a Jolida tube integrated amp-60 watts per channel and a nice turntable. I would look at a Sota Comet, Rega P3, MMF 5.1 which are all nice options, plus a flexible phono amp such as Musical Surroundings. There are lots of speakers to consider-Totem would be a nice match and would provide a holographioc image. Finish with some nice cables-perhaps Kimber. Good luck
Thanks for the guidance Tbromgard - I'll take a look at your recommendations. What should I do to get the best out of my FLAC files in an otherwise analog setup like the one you mention? Do I need some sort of server and a DAC too?
You may want to open the Adcom amp up and check the internal fuses. They are prone to blowing easily. It is a decent amp though not warm sounding. The Technics is a good table I think.
What you are looking for requires the best of the best....very expensive. If you are willing to be satisfied with less it may be affordable.
Rwwear - I'm pretty sure the Adcom is too cold and harsh sounding for my tastes - I'll open it up o check it out as it will have to be working before I can sell it, thanks for the tip. I am confused since I have heard that the Technics is a good table too - great even if some upgrades and the right cartridge are present. I was hoping to save some money on a tt and put it towards the amp or speakers.
Stringreen I know I have champagne tastes on a beer budget :), I am just looking to get started and keep my wife speaking to me at the same time! I have years to embrace upgrade-itis and look forward to doing so.
I wouldn't worry about the table. Just get a good cartridge.
"keep my wife speaking to me". Well, depending on what you want to hear..
Your room is very small and ambitions very high. As someone already said, it is going to be expensive though $6k is not so little money if you buy used.
Let me get this straight. You are willing to pay $6 to $8k to make sure your wife will -keep- talking?
I forgot you want to play your FLAC files too. Instead of a Jolida integrated amp, look to a Peach Tree Audio Nova or Decca. It has 90 watts per channel, a tube pre amp section, and a built in DAC. I personally have not heard the Peachtree-although it might be my next upgrade too--Google for very positive review.
The Oppo 95 plays the FLAC files off the Beatles' USB Apple. I don't know if it will play all FLAC USB files though.
Rythmsound....Whenever I feel the need to upgrade, I preface my trip to the stereo store with a trip to the jewelers'