Newbie Lenco question

Hi Guys, I am a Proud new Lenco owner! Believe it or not I just found the monster thread. For alot of time I was concentrating on other areas and just recently decided to come into the light and purchase my first real turntable,-well I found THE thread, and am pursuing a Lenco Build! While waiting for my lenco to arrive, I am in the planing stage,... I want to build it wide enough to have two to three slots or holes for interchangable Arm-boards, I was wondering if someone here can give me approximate width and depth of a super Lenco? - I don't have any tonearms yet and so don't know how much space to leave on the sides and back of the 15.5 x 13 inch top plate. I was thinking of 4 x 7 inch arm boards, and leaving an aditional 2 inches on each side of the armboards . . . that would make a width of 30.5 in. and a depth of 21 in. - this seems a little wide.... what do you think, what are the sizes of y'alls - ( yes I'm texan )- Super Lencos? - Thank you for any help, I am Very Excited about my new project, Kind Regards, dean
You'll probably get more feedback over at Lenco Heaven. Lot's of nice folks and DIY-ers over there.