Newbie - Integrated to go with Paradigm 5seMK3's

Room size: 15 x 20 x 8

Current system (6-7 years old):
Yamaha RX-V490 5 channel, 70 watts
Yamaha 5 disk CD player
Yamaha cassette deck
Sony Turntable
Grado SR80’s

Speakers (6-7 years old):
Paradigm bi-wirable floorstanders
Silk soft dome tweeters I believe (they’re black,not metal!!
7 ½ woofer
Say will handle up to 100 watts
Amp range stated is 15-150 watts
8 ohms nominal, 4 minimum

The Yamaha drives them easily. With all of this, I listen to all kinds of music, except rap, mostly rock (not hard), blues and the likes of Boccelli, Enya, Krall and Brightman. Even Yanni!!

I am looking to further enhance my listening experience using my current speakers and CD player. At some point down the road, say 2-3 years, I will probably be buying equipment again as I expect to purchase a house. But for the time-being, I want to better my current system. I was thinking of moving the receiver, cassette deck and turntable to my bedroom and getting an integrated (under $2000) for my living room to go with my speakers and CD player. Shortly thereafter, I will probably pick up a better CD player too. Then in 2-3 years move what I get now to my bedroom with the Paradigms.

So I have been looking, listening and reading. As of now, my short list (new or used) is:

Arcam Diva A85, Creek 5350SE, Classe CAP-151 and Musical Fidelity A300. I am also considering Musical Fidelity A3CR Pre/Amp combo.

I have listened to the Creek with a Creek CD player (43??) and B&W CDM 7NT speakers. Sounded good. I also listened to a CAP-100 (not 151) with the same set up. Nice and comfy!! Warm, yes? I have also listened to the Arcam with an Arcam CD92 and Vandersteen 2CE’s. UUGGHH!! Talk about a horrible experience. However, in saying this, I am still considering the Arcam as the reviews have been tremendous. For me, it must have been the combination together that was such a turnoff. Finally, I have not listened to the MF equipment yet but have read great reviews.

Out of these choices, can anyone provide some comments on what would work best with the Paradigms? I would like to keep the list to these pieces if possible (so my head doesn’t spin anymore) but if you are/were a Paradigm owner and can recommend others based on your experiences, please do!!! Sound wise, I believe (if possible) I like a big soundstage, transparency, decent detail and more laid back than forward. Newbie so sorry this is so long!

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Your CD palyer is by far the weekest link in your system.
You dont know what your gear sounds like yet.
Spend 1K on a good palyer and listen for a while.
Or if the CD player has a Digital out put in a DAC.
Viridian/Natalie, what if I bought a CD player, like a Music Hall MMF-CD25 (approx. $500)and then one of the integrated's I listed (about $1500), total about $2,000. Yes, I would also pick up appropriate interconnects. Would it be a decent upgrade (go with the Paradigms) and would my system be better balanced (or not)?

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