Newbie inq. about Toslink

Esstemed feedbackers,

I'm currently running a rather low end Sony CDP-xxx 5 disk carousel, however it does have a Toslink optical least that's what I think it is...looks like a small phone jack. Is this format of signal even worth plugging into a DAC of say $200-500. I will be moding the innards of the CDP, damping, and thuroughly isolating it. Thanks for any feedback.
That is the fiber optic output.
dont waste your time with that. It has extra signal conversions that you really dont need. Plus the fiber cable you can buy for this stuff is all pretty crappy. i used to splice fiber for telecommunications networks and those Toslink cables are nowhere up to par.

I guess thier arguement is that electromagnetic waves and electrostatic discharges dont affect fiber, but they wont affect a good Digital Coax cable either. And you dont have to worry about getting a tranceiver unit or gutting your equipment to make the star block fit through the round hole. Plus, i dont care what anyone says, there IS loss on any type of conversion, even from an electric signal to optical back to electrical.

I wouldnt mess with the modifications, if you want to use an outboard DACs then get a CDP that has a digital out.

Funny, i just bought a HT in a box setup to get some decent surround sound in the living room. There was a box in the leaflet that stated Analog=Good, Digital Coax=better, Fiber=best.

WRONG! Coax is the best.