Newbie: how to fix speaker interference

Although this question probalby has been asked thousend time, I cant seem to find a clear answer.
My problem lies in every speaker of my house, from intenral TV speakers to computer speakers.

My starting point should be TV speakers since watching movies while having an FM radio in the background is terribly annoying.

The source of the sound is obiosly coming from an FM antena near by. The problem persist even if I turn the volume down so the speaker wire inside the TV most be acting as an antena.

Should I open the TV set and install a filter between the terminals of the speaker inside the set? will this fix the problem? would it interfere with the normal TV sound?

Thank you everyone!
Roni, Are you sure that it is FM that you are hearing? The fact that you are hearing it in ALL of your speakers is somewhat suspicious. I had this problem myself a while back and it turned out to be a improperly installed and operated HAM RADIO ANTENNA in my neighborhood. Cruise your neighborhood and be sure to look in the trees, they are common hiding places for the above. Tony
If you can make out the FM stations call letters, you might call them and explain your problem. An engineer may be able to help you out with the type of filtering you need for their freq. I have heard of this problem, if you live very close to a radio antenna tower. In some cases it can`t be filtered out.
Question, are you using external surround speakers hooked up to your tv? If so disconnect them from the tv output terms and see if it makes any difference thru the tv speakers.

wish you the best,Jim
I'm sure it's FM...I even heard their call letters. I live close a very tall building that is used as a center for various types of antenas.

Also, unfortunately I live in Buenos Aires and radio instalations are a mess here, so I probably have to find a way to fix this mayself.

And to answer jim's question I'm not using external soround speakers...not yet :-)
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