Newbie HK Signature 2.0 owner needs help

Hi. Just got a Signature 2.0 preamp today. However, I can't get audio out of the darn thing except through the tuner.

I have only one external source, a Sony DVD player, and both the digital coax out and analog out of this player worked with the Marantz SR 7200 I was using previously. Despite reassigning source inputs multiple times (all the inputs, both digital and analog, are assignable), only the tuner has any audible output.

I'd appreciate any insight from anyone, since HK Tech Support won't be open until Monday.

They have online help on their website. Make sure you have selected the digital input mode if it has one also hook up the analog outputs from the DVD player and see if you get sound.
I'm afraid their online help for the Sig 2.0 is very sparse -- all of 3 questions in the FAQ.

I did try to connect the analog output of the DVD player to several of the analog ins of the preamp, and none of them worked. Someone else suggested matching modes for the digital output of the DVD player and the specific input I was using. That didn't work either.

FWIW, one other curious thing was there were no test tones generated when I went into speaker level setting mode. Not sure if that means major or minor issues.

Thanks for your help!