Newbie HiFi Headphone & Amp pairing suggestions

Hi Gang,

I know headphones and headphone amp pairings are very subjective and vary person to person. Being new to the HiFi world of headphones, I've narrowed down (I think) a new headphone purchase to:

• Audeze LCD-X
• HiFiman Arya
• Sennheiser HD800S

I've not had open ear headphones before but have a relatively quiet office in the house (when the kids aren't around) and am excited to explore the HiFi headphone world. 

So, I'm curious if any of you have had any experience with the above and would make any recos either way and if so, what amp you reco pairing with it. I have a buddy who has the Viiolectric V281 and swears by it but it seems impossible to find (and quite pricey).

Lastly, is there any hope of getting a great DAC and headphone amp in the same unit or would you reco separates for longevity's sake?

@umn how does it sound to you? do you miss not being able to play MQA? that one is on my list too. not sure how the DAC compares to the Mytek....
@fourminutesong -- given that the Audeze tilts towards warm and lush, and Mytek prioritizes a very pristine, detailed sound signature, the resulting synergy will be very balanced.

Having said that, personally, I'm not a fan of ESS/Sabre chip design. But this might be a good choice with Audeze. If I had to choose, I would go for the RME ADI-2 DAC, possibly the best value for the money with tons of features. I would never let MQA decide my choices by the way.
Thanks, @arafiq. The RME was definitely on my list. I went for the Brooklyn Bridge for now due to the extra functionality that will come in handy. I have 60 days to try it with music direct. I hear they are coming out with a newer version in July that is also a Roon Core which is interesting.

What you mention here about ESS chips is interesting. Are there chipsets you are aware of that give a warmer tonality?
I think you will be very happy with the Brooklyn Bridge and Audeze combo as they compliment each other very nicely. I only recommended RME ADI-2 because I felt it was a better value, but not necessarily better sound quality. The Brooklyn Bridge comes with a very good streamer that can work with wifi, which is a big plus.

If you're after warmer tonality, look for R2R based architectures. Or R2R + tubes + Non-oversampling if you want to go all the way. Some other chipsets that I have liked in the past are AKM (e.g. AKM 4497), or high-end Burr-Brown ones like the PCM1792.

You have already bought your DAC but I was going to suggest another marvelous DAC, streamer and headphone amp combo -- Teac NT-505. Walmart had them on sale for around $1200 I think. 

But please note that at the end of the day, it's all about implementation and synergy with the rest of your gear. Brooklyn Bridge is made by a world class company and loved by many. I doubt that you will be disappointed, especially when using with Audeze. Enjoy the music!
Sorry that I am only getting back to you now. The Brooklyn Bridge is certainly a great unit; I hope that you enjoy it. ( To be clear, I use my RME as a dac and preamp. My amp is a tube WA-6. )