Newbie HiFi Headphone & Amp pairing suggestions

Hi Gang,

I know headphones and headphone amp pairings are very subjective and vary person to person. Being new to the HiFi world of headphones, I've narrowed down (I think) a new headphone purchase to:

• Audeze LCD-X
• HiFiman Arya
• Sennheiser HD800S

I've not had open ear headphones before but have a relatively quiet office in the house (when the kids aren't around) and am excited to explore the HiFi headphone world. 

So, I'm curious if any of you have had any experience with the above and would make any recos either way and if so, what amp you reco pairing with it. I have a buddy who has the Viiolectric V281 and swears by it but it seems impossible to find (and quite pricey).

Lastly, is there any hope of getting a great DAC and headphone amp in the same unit or would you reco separates for longevity's sake?

Last year, I listened to the following headphones quite extensively:
Audeze LCD-X and LCD-2 Classic (both owned by a buddy of mine)
Hifiman Arya (I owned one until last month)
Focal Clear (still own it)
Sennheiser HD6XX (still own it)

If you ask me, all of them are amazing headphones, each with its own pros and cons. If you like warm, lush sound, with an emphasis on lower frequencies, then Audeze is your ticket. Personally, I preferred the LCD-2 Classic over the LCD-X. I don’t know how to explain it, but it just comes across as more honest and less pretentious.

Hifiman Arya is the one that won me over at first. The soundstage, resolution and speed were just amazing. However, in the long run the lack of dynamics, especially punchy and hefty bass, made me sell it, albeit very reluctantly. But to be honest, I could have happily lived with it forever.

Focal Clear was an odd one. At first, it didn’t impress because nothing stood out. But it’s one of those things that grows on you gradually. After I applied some EQ and paired it with a tube headphone amp, the Clear won me over. It is very balanced with just the right proportions when it comes to the lower frequency profile. In this regard, it sits squarely between the Arya (not enough bass) and Audeze (more emphasis on bass).

And finally, my all time favorite - Sennheiser HD6XX. I paid $200 for it, and this is one headphone that I will never sell. It is the perfect companion when you want to kick back and relax, or when you are trying to get some work done.
I have a headphone setup in my home office. 
My headphone amp is a Woo Audio WA-6 which has a relatively narrow footprint.
I have 2 Drop headphones which complement each other nicely: Sennheiser HD6xx and Hifiman HE5xx. The HD6xx is dynamic and oh so smooth. The HE5xx is electrostatic with phenomenal sound stage. Each cost $220.
Thanks, @arafiq and @umn 

The one drawback I've heard about the Audeze is the weight. Did you find that an issue? I've heard good things about the LCD classic.

What do you guys use for desktop DAC?
My Gear (for the last six years):
LCD-X / HD 700
Mjolnir (first Gen) / Valhalla 2
Gungnir Delta-Sigma with Gumby in the chain (a year or two) as well.
Water / Yukon - RCA / XLR (more recent)
LCD-X is Lush (good tone, separation of resonance) and fast.
HD 700 nice as in much better than HD 6xx series good Resolution and
my preference for GoTo and extended listening (dynamic drivers!).
LCD-x ... heavy ... shorter times but very engaging.
Don’t hesitate to try HD 800 / 800s - very detailed.
Having plenty of power is a stand out quality for me (Schiit delivers).
The Valhalla 2 sings with Water ICs, with Mjolnir and Yukon is a bit less detail (it seems) but a better DAC should prove to be better (all around).
Headphone gear shares my desktop (smallish) with Monitor / Keyboards / Router / Streamers ... a bit crowded but functional.
Look into HiFi Man latest models as well.
A component set up my prove best all around.

@fourminutesong -- Yes, Audeze are very heavy. If you plan to listen for more than an hour or so, I can tell you that you'd notice the weight. But IMO, you get used to it. 

My current setup is a Node 2i >> Audio Mirror Tubadour II DAC >> Quicksilver headphone amp (tube-based) >> Focal Clear or Sennheiser HD6XX.

If you can find a used pair of Audeze LCD Classic, I say go for it. Even if you don't like it, they are easy to sell in the used market.