Newbie HiFi Headphone & Amp pairing suggestions

Hi Gang,

I know headphones and headphone amp pairings are very subjective and vary person to person. Being new to the HiFi world of headphones, I've narrowed down (I think) a new headphone purchase to:

• Audeze LCD-X
• HiFiman Arya
• Sennheiser HD800S

I've not had open ear headphones before but have a relatively quiet office in the house (when the kids aren't around) and am excited to explore the HiFi headphone world. 

So, I'm curious if any of you have had any experience with the above and would make any recos either way and if so, what amp you reco pairing with it. I have a buddy who has the Viiolectric V281 and swears by it but it seems impossible to find (and quite pricey).

Lastly, is there any hope of getting a great DAC and headphone amp in the same unit or would you reco separates for longevity's sake?

Thanks! I tend to like a warmer, fuller sound but I'm still new to figuring out what all of the different sound signatures mean. But sounds like I may be drawn to the Audeze and HiFiman more with that in mind.

I'd love to find an all in one amp/DAC solution to drive them to sit on my desk as well.
I'd cross the Senns off the list then.  Audeze might be your cup of tea.  The Sony headphones I mentioned have a sound signature that is similar to Audeze, but a little more neutral.  They will do bass better than most headphones, especially open backed ones.  The Sony headphone amp has a great DAC in it.

I recently got a pair of RAAL-requisite SR1a’s and a Schiit Jotunheim R amp for them, with a multibit DAC card installed. These are not actually headphones, more like "earspeakers". They are exceptional and game changing audio reproduction devices. Makes a great desktop system fed by a computer.

They cost more new than your choices above, but I have seen used pairs with the Schiit amp trade in the $2500 range over the last month.

Lots of reviews that you can look at to get perspectives into them.
What do you guys hear about the RME ADI DAC 2 FS for the combo headphone amp and DAC? I think Darko has this on his setup as well.

That with the Audeze LCD-X may be the ticket.
Wow, I have found a lot of conflicting feedback on the Audeze LCD-X. Anyone here have any experience about them? Debating if I should reconsider the LCD-2 Classic or LCD-2 instead.
If you’re looking for a warmer, fuller sound the RME DAC isn’t your best option IMO.