Newbie here - need help regarding t-table upgrade

I'd like some opinions regarding my old turntable.
I have a Thorens TD 318 that I bought in the mid-80s.
I haven't used it much since digital took over. However, I've
decided that my vinyl can still be a great source of enjoyment so
why not dedicate some time and money to make it the experience
the best that I can. I don't have a lot of funds and would like to
be as thrifty as possible. My question is - is this particular model
one that I should simply have cleaned up or should I go with something
new? If new, what suggestions would you make for between 600 - 800.00?
Thanks for you help.
clean it up..the 318's and 320's still sound great. put a new reasonably priced cartridge in it, and have fun.
Thanks for your response. I was hoping that some folks would say 'keep it'. I always liked this turntable - and when I bought it, I thought I'd hit the turntable 'jackpot'.
You may want to talk with George Merrill in Memphis. He is a turntable guru and works on and upgrades Thorens. Look him up on the web at Audio Emporium.
I'm curious what these models go for. In particular, TD-316, 318, 320. Any idea?
mingles...condition, condition condition. 200-400 bucks, and they'll hold their own with many of the earlier, more plentiful models. these models were sold at a time when analogue had fallen from grace, so they are not that plentiful. great value through, given the prices of new tables.
Thanks Jaybo.