Newbie help with speakers for Mac

I am a newbie in need of advice on speakers for my existing system. Would like to find something for under $2K (new or used). Existing components consist of McIntosh MC7100 amp, C712 pre, Arcam CD72 CD player. Musical tastes run the gamut from rock, classical and jazz. Existing speakers are Definitive Tech BP10's that seemed like a good idea the time but are just not cutting it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I owned Mac separates for a while and found a great synergy with B&W matrix line.
The VMPS RM 1 - check them out at the website. retail 1700 but can get a discount from some dealers. Let me know I will tell you who to call - I am not a dealer - I just ordered the RM 40.
I have a McIntosh system with somewhat similar components.
I have a C712 Pre, a MC150 Amp, a MR-73 Tuner, and a new
Music Hall MMF-25 CD Player. I am currently using Thiel
3.5 Speakers and really enjoy them a lot. Mostly I listen
to classical - as well as some jazz and oldies.
The Thiel 3.5s are not the last word in bass extension -
but they are wonderfully detailed and VERY accurate. Piano
and strings sound like they should. You can usually find
a good condition pair for about $1000.00 or so. If you are
looking for better bass extension you might also want to
look at the newer Thiel 2.3s - which tend to sell for a
little under $2000.00.
By the way - I'm using Transparent MusicWave speaker
cables, Transparent MusicLink Plus Interconnects from my
sources to my C712, and Audioquest Corals on all the rest
on my connections. the sound is just wonderful - very
smooth, detailed, and easy to listen to for hours on end.
I have a Mc integrated amp with an Arcam CD92. I have a pair of Tannoy D500s and they have good synergy with the Mc. I bought demos off of Audiogon for significant savings over retail. If you can afford the size, the D700s are actually more perfect than the D500s. Tannoys, to my ears, have a warm natural sound, not bright, and they have nice bass and are good off axis.
Thanks for all the follow ups to my post. The number of high end dealers in my area is pretty limited but we do have two that carry Thiel and one that carries Tannoy. Unfortunately the Tannoy dealer does not stock any inventory but will gladly order what I want. Thanks again.