Newbie Help with Speaker Choices


I recently purchased a home that was wired with a crestron system and 2 x 5.1 home theater zones (Living Room & Master Bedroom).

The entire system was removed and I building a new system from scratch.

I am looking to put free-standing Front L/R speakers in the Living room setup plus in-wall/ceiling speakers and in-ceiling/wall speakers for the rest of the house (Master Bedroom 5.1 & 1 indoor zone and 1 outdoor zone)and surface mounted outdoor speakers for the roof deck.

I am leaning towards the Marantz Av8003 with MM8003 amp to power the whole house.

Any suggestions for speakers and subs to fit in about a $5000 speaker budget would be greatly appreciated.
audio advisors is running a special on energy veritas in-wall and in-ceiling speakers--deeep discounts on a very high quality piece. for your fronts, there's a ton of good choices listed here in the sub $2k range---lsa, totem, von schweikert vr2, paradigm, etc.
B & W...............
Thanks for the tip LoomisJ.!!!
I picked up 3 veritas 2.3's for LCR and 1.0's for the rears in the bedroom 5.1 arrangement.

Any subs you can recommend with the veritas.?
I just heard some terrific speakers that might be suitable. They are bigger than monitors and smaller than floor standers. VMPS 626. Check out the reviews.
rancher--glad you got the energys and hope you enjoy them. for a sub, i'd buy a hsu stf--very musical and very good value at around $300--if you call them to order they'll generally knock off a few bucks.