Newbie help - suggested setup for best VIDEO perf.

Finally took the leap into HT after being an audiophile for as long as I can remember. Was just never that interested in HT - just watching TV was good enough.

Purchased a Pioneer 60" Kuro Elite about a year ago and decided to up the enjoyment factor by going with an HT system.

Ended up with an Integra DTR-50.1 receiver and Def Tech Mythos speaker system, along with model nine front center and Gem's for rears. Already had a panasonic BD55 bluray player.

After the dealer installed everything I noticed that when switching to a HD channel it would say 1080i 30 bit on the TV screen. Before the system was installed it would just say 1080i. When playing a bluray it would say 1080p 36 bit, which it also never did before. I spoke to a few friends and we assumed that the receiver was doing some type of processing. Went back into the integra and it was already set up to "pass thru".

I would imagine I would not want the integra to do any processing instead of the Kuro?

Someone also suggested that I should completely bypass the integra for video and use it only for audio. Does this make sense? The dealer said it could be set up this way and he did. On TV it no longer says 1080i 30 bit, just 1080i. DVD still says 1080p 36 bit however.

I have a dedicated 2 channel system so not intersted in combining them, just interestd in the best video.

What would be the best solution to accomplish this?
Do you actually notice any difference in the picture between the two modes? If not, then I suggest just sticking with the Integra for the video switching convenience.

I did notice what I thought was a pretty significant degradation in pq.

The dealer programmed the remote to still be able to do all the switching so I didn't lose that feature.

I'm just learning there's more than one way to hook everything up, and I want to optimize the video quality.
Using the same display and Comcast cable as a source I run HDMI from the cable box to the Elite SC-07 receiver's HDMI Cable input and another HDMI from the receivers HDMI display output to the display. The Comcast remote controls the day to day functions.

The only unusual adjustment was setting up the Comcast remote to run the system. The cable installer did some moves that weren't in the Comcast instructions or at least they weren't very clear to me.

My previous non HDMI Integra receiver was set up with the cable controlling the system. I also used AT&T for one day set up the same way.
When in doubt, DIRECT is best, SHORTER cable runs are best, and FEWER connectors is best.

You did it correctly.