Newbie: Entry-level monoblock amps

Hi there!

First-time user and first post. Looking into monoblock power amps or stereo amps at maybe $2.5-5k to power a set of Thiel PCS bookshelf speakers.

Heard good things about Emotiva XPA-1s, but what is the general audiogon consensus about the company and the brand?

Should I instead look at a things like a 10 year-old ML or 5 year-old Bryston?

Thanks for your help!
Welcome to the merry-go-round! I have purchased and sold my way through a bunch of highly respected and rated equipment in the search for the right stuff. Some of it was really expensive and I've found out that more money doesn't necessarily mean more better. What we all strive for is the end result of a combination of equipment that is greater than the sum if its parts. The hallowed SYNERGY! Everybody's ears are different-even the shape of them hanging on the side of your head makes yours different than mine so you can't depend on my opinion or the "consensus" as an absolute. Search the forums here for trends of opinions to find a direction to start with. Hopefully you have a good dealer you can work with to home demo some amps and then give them your business if something works for you. Or, use AG and buy used stuff at a decent price so you can sell it at a minimal loss if it doesn't work out. Someone else might really love a piece that didn't float your boat. Like you, I have read others' opinions about the Emotiva brand that are positive but don't be discouraged if you try them and they don't work out. There's lots of good stuff out there to try if your first choice doesn't work out. Good Luck!
Good luck. Really. I hope you find a nice pair of monoblocks to run your speakers.
I would look at some small tube monos. or the very rare Forte' 7. (wish i could find a pair!!)
Anyway, I just think your idea is good.
Buy some Odyssey khartargo Mono Blocks and thank me later.
for those speakers, I would buy a McIntosh MC275 amp. Will sound great, and they always hold their value. Well, at least for the last 60 yrs.

You can get one in the $3000 range here on the 'Gon.
Why you feel you need to spend so much for entry-level monoblock? Check out first Wyred4Sound (sx500 for monos).

Man do you have A LOT of choices either (solid state or tubes) given your generous budget IMO.

I say do a search for monoblock or mono in the classified sections for either solid state or tube amps and see what is in your budget. Research models you like from there. Also search the forum archives. There is lots of info there. Search for your speakers and see what previous members have stated they used with it. You can search for the amps you are interested in there too. I'm sure there is an old thread that talked about them.

Regarding Emotiva. I have their UPA-7 amplifier and enjoy it for HT. With my system the UPA-7 sounds a bit bright for music to me. The XPA-1 amps are nice and well within your budget. Try them out and if you don't like them return them. You would be out shipping but who knows you may like them.

Bryston and McIntosh are hard to beat though.

Best of luck with your search.
Oops sorry. I meant to type Mark Levinson. I had McIntosh on the brain from another thread.
Wow -- thank you all so much for the responses and the warm welcome.

1) consensus seems to be at least try the Emotiva; at worst you're out shipping

2) bryston, ML hard to beat.
McIntosh, Wyred4Sound, Odyssey, Forte and NuForce also good.

3) Bryston 7ST (not SST) seems to be going about ~3k. Is the SST really that much better?

So at this point the plan is:

1) try the emotiva
2) find a used bryston or ML on audiogon. Any particular models other than the 4sst? :)

Thank you all so much again!
Quicksilver tube mono blocks- excellent build quality and value.
Bryston really evolved from the ST to the SST, so no you do not want to buy the ST model, and do wan the SST. or SST2.
I own a Bryston 4B-SST2 and would never have put up with the hard sound of an ST.