Newbie cartidge help needed

I am looking to upgrade my TT cartridge and need some input, as I am very new to seeking better Analog reproduction. First, my present system, Carver HR742 receiver, Technics Graphic EQ, Technics SL1300 TT, Pioneer 4way CS E9900 floor speakers, and Polk RT8 floor standing speakers. My current cartridge is a Shure VN 35E. I have located a Benz Micro MC-3 used cartridge that has low hours on it and was wondering if this would be a good fit for my system? Will I need to get a phono stage? My budget is very limited at this time, but hope to do further upgrading within the next year or two. Any feedback is greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you! I know my equiptment is not HiFi equiptment, but it is all I have at this time.
Psychicanimal likes the Groovemaster in his Technics. Check with him about it.
Thats right, Psych and Zaikesman are the Technics Guru's around here. They can tell you what you need to know.
Good Luck,Cheers
Sorry, but I have to punt - I am not familiar with either this TT or these cartridges. But if the cart you're considering is not a high-output moving coil (MC) and your receiver has only a moving magnet (MM) phono input, you will either need to investigate an outboard phonostage or headamp to accomodate a lower-output MC, or look at a different cartridge. If the Benz is high-output, or if the receiver has a MC input, there shouldn't be any reason you couldn't try this combo, but I would normally be wary about getting an unknown used cartridge unless it is local and you can audition it first. (Also, don't overlook mounting compatability if it applies that your tonearm is designed expressly for P-mount carts.)