Newbie, but learning- my vintage system

I know I am the one that my system has to please, but I would like your feedback on my system. Thoughts, suggestions?

I have recently (4 months ago) gotten interested in upgrading my vintage system from a Marantz 2252B receiver, Klipsch KG4's, Thorens TD160/Linn LVX arm. All of these have come from thrifts and local sales. Total investment was $200 and satisfied me for a couple of years. But then I began reading Audiogon threads and I yearned for more.

Current system:
McIntosh MC40 monoblocks
Altec Model 17's (604 8G's)
Sansui 1000A (using as preamp)
Thorens TD160 like above, except I have done a few cheap mods like dampening and such.

Surprisingly the McSui sounds really good to me. The MC40's and Sansui have both been gone thru and restored. I thought my Sansui would likely be a weak link, but it is very nice. It seems to have an excellent tuner and phono outputs are very adequate for my MM and HOMC carts.

I think down the road I will be asking and looking for suggestions on a preamp, but for now I will listen to what I have.

I am surprised what $950 could buy. Since I have little extra money for audio, I have focused on vintage items only.

Any thoughts on what preamp I might keep an eye out for? It is never too early to begin looking for a good deal. But for now, I have a smile on my face that won't seem to go away.

Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.
luxman....great vintage pre amps ....reasonable
If wattage doesn't matter, I'll bet that the sansui with some nice tubes will give the mac's a run for the money? Just curious what you think?
Elevick, I haven't listened to the Sansui alone with my system, but I did in the guys system I bought them from. I had originally thought about just buying the Sansui and not the Mac's. But after listening to both, singley and together, I thought the combintion was noticeablly better. Although the Sansui alone sounded like a substantial improvement over my previous gear.

I imagine sometime when I am bored I will try the Sui and ALtec combo for a listen, that way I will know for sure.