Newbie Analog Question

OK, I've got a nice turntable but have this nasty habit of playing the thing until I fall asleep at night, waking up sometimes a couple of hours later with the needle still spinning around in the lead out groove.

My question: is this bad for the cartridge/needle or is it ok? Wondering if any damage can be done at all to either.

Adds wear to the stylus, carves out the lead-out groove, but shouldn't really do any significant damage if you catch it relatively early.

Letting it run like that for overnight, on a regular basis will cause the cartridge to wear out much faster, and it will have alot of "gunk" on it from carving the lead-out groove all up. Definitely clean the stylus well after it happens.

I highly recommend an "end of record tonearm lift", such as the Expressimo "Lifter", or something like it. Not much money, and gives you more peace of mind if you tend to fall asleep when listening.
Thanks Twl