Newbee Squeezebox help please

I am a newbee to Computer audio but want to buy a new Squeezebox Duet and stream internet radio through my home stereo system. I currently have a PC with comcast cable modem. I need a hook up that allows simultaneos use of both my computer internet connection and the internet radio stream for my music system. I guess I would need some type of router? Can anybody tell me what I need to purchase to do this and if it can be easily installed myself? Thank you very much for any help you can provide.
It can be done easily. You need a wireless router. I have one made by Netgear. It is set up to handle my computer and my Squeezebox. It is pretty easy to set up.
If you have any problems setting up the Squeezebox, they have the BEST tech support I have dealt with. You may need them to help you open your firewall (assuming you have one) to allow the Squeezebox to access the internet.
A Slimdevices Squeezebox plugs into your home network as if it were another computer. It can either use standard wireless or a wired connection with a CAT-5 ethernet cable.

If you currently have only one computer hooked directly to your internet cable modem, you'll need a router. You can get these at CompUSA, Best Buy or similar places. It shouldn't be hard to find one under $50. Linksys, Netgear, SMC, Belden and others are popular brands.

If you do use the wireless option, be sure and use the security option in the router. You don't want people hacking into your home network or stealing your signal.

SlimDevices has very good forums that includes a Beginners section. Check it out at