Newbee needs cartridge help

Have Simply Physics Dark Star Turntable I pulled from the attic. Air Bearing Linear Tone Arm. Came on table and is Low Mass. Value timbral accuracy & sound staging properties over tube like warmth. Listen to Jazz, Old rock, & symphony. Have inexpensive Rotel RQ-970bx ($200.00)
Phono Preamp and Rotel RX-1056 5 channel Receiver w/Totem Acoustics Shaman speakers. Planning on upgrading to new 5 channel Conrad Johnson Preamp and amps within a year. Would like new or relative new cartidge for less than $1K, preferrable around $500.

Thanks, Steve
I recently purchased a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood on Audiogon for around $500 new. It has a list around $800. I'm using a completely different table, Linn LP12 and Ittok arm. It's a winning combination though. It's a moving magnet by the way. My guess is that a lower output cartridge might not be ideal with your current phono stage.
I have owned Koetsus,Symphonic,Clearaudio,Red Rose and Scantechs,but I can't recommend the Dynavector 501 MKII highly enough.It mates perfectly with the inexpensive Dynacector P-75 phono section.Jappy hunting.
I second the Virtuoso Wood. Nice improvement over the metal body. Best MM unless your table will take to the top Grados.
I am planning on moving up to a much nicer phono preamp. With that in mind I had thought it would be best to go MC over MM. You mentioned Grado. Would the Grado Reference that's listed on Audiogon ($600/$1200)be one of your recomendations?