Newbee building a retro sound system from scratch. DCM speakers

Hi everyone,
I am a total newbee in audio, but I tend to discover more of it for myself. Also it is a part of a good investment.
I just need to be pointed in the right direction of what do I need to accomplish my goal.
I have a pair of DCM TIME WINDOW serial: 28788 and also planning on getting either Mcintosh 4100 or Marantz 2015b. What else do I need to hook everything up and play for now from a laptop.

Thank you,

I too am an owner of Time Windows (52779,52780). My third pair since 1977! Needless to say, a GREAT speaker! Instead of the McIntosh or Marantz I will recommend something far better (and still vintage): a Yamaha AX-2000 integrated amp (1985). Superb build and sound quality. Currently listed on EBAY for $1400 with free shipping.Check it out! If I didn't already have so much gear I'd buy it myself! 
The 2215b won't have enough power.  "15" is 15 watts.  Get a bigger Marantz, those speakers will appreciate it.
I used to live in Ann Arbor, and had an opportunity once to get some Time Frame TF500s at a good price.  I dithered (I was poor!), and when I made up my mind and went back, they were gone.  Much regretted,  I was always very impressed with DCM back then.  Googling, to my surprise I see they're still in business.  You don't hear much about them these days.
I remember them in the '80's. I liked them a lot, but like twoleftears, I was broke.
Regarding your question, you will need a DAC to translate the digital signal to analog.
May I recommend an Ayre Codex?
You can get them used for $1500 or so.
Also, Schiit Gungnir or Yggy. They are in the same price range.
I like both of these manufacturers because they offer upgrades to their equipment, and since Digital to analog is constantly evolving, I enjoy not being required to buy a new unit because they found a better recipe.
DCM = Drug Capital of the Midwest, founders said so with a very straight face at CES ( when high end was at the Drake)

we sold many many pairs and even carried the subs which paired very well. Ran many on Hafler DH-200 but also sold some w PS Audio and even CJ tube amps, the MV-45. could make them sing....
I had those before upgrading to Vandies!

you may need new foam for the drivers, and new sheet foam for the outer covering