Newbee about Ceramic tube socket

Hello all, I'm new in this forum, nice meeting you all.
I've seen some Ceramic tube sockets on ebay, they look fancy but I don't exactly know what are the advantages of it. Is it just gives better heat resistance and harder material? Willing to listen all advices, thank you very much. =]
From an engineering perspective the advantages are better heat resistance and better resistance to high voltages and arcing. This was especially imporatnat with transmitting tubes that could easily have 1000 or more volts on the plates.

I can't comment on sonic differences BFWIW the ceramic socket has slightly lower inter pin capacitance (though this is small on a conventinal socket anyway) and thus might have a slightly different sound.

If you're thinking of switching out sockets in a piece of commercial gear take care - this can be a hard error prone job.
Thank you for your advice =]
Partsconnexion has lots of diy parts. I am sure there are others as well.

An easy upgrade would be tubes. Try Andy at Vintage Tube Services. Upgrading my tubes was like getting a new piece of gear.