Newbe with retro McIntosh

I purchased a vintage McIntosh MC-162 amp. Always wanted a piece of McIntosh equipment and finally can buy some.
My question is what model vintage McIntosh preamp would be appropriate? I am trying to stay under $5,000 for complete system. Paid $1,700 for amp. Someone suggested a C-15 preamp but know nothing about them. Thinling of buying a set of B&W 805 speakers for about 1,700 to round things out. Any imput would be appricated as I am a newbe to this. Thanks!
I own the C15 preamp, and it is a great one. Just know it is a no frills preamp, not having seperate record circuits. However, it does have a remote, which is a must have for me. Mine is paired with a MC7200. I also owned a C712, which is similar, and a good one. Download the manual for whichever you're thinking about, and see the details. Both models seem to go for somewhere around $800-900.