Newbe needs advice, RCA/XLR, Toslink/S-Video

Hello all:

Is there a "rule of thumb" regarding interconnect terminations and the quality of the signal? For instance, can the different styles/devices be rated "up-grade-at-all-cost" "better", "best" (in ascending order)?

As my thread title indicates, I am new at this high end stuff and some of my recent up-grades allow connections I am not familiar with ie; XLR vs RCA and Component vs Toslink vs S-Video.

Thanks in advance for any advise or direction.

the XLR vs. RCA is VERY system dependent, many threads on that subject.

Most all videophiles agree that Component produces the best picture followed by S-video(S-video is nearly as good on short runs) and composite taking up the rear(to be expected its the oldest of the three)

fwiw toslink is a form of digital cable, a glass cable with a special end on it, which would be compared to AT&T/ST, RCA 75ohm coax, and AES/EBU.

Hope that clears up some of the confusion.
component video is well worth the investment

don't buy a dvd or tv without these outputs / inputs

Just to add a little. The video input information is right on ! The toslinc::: I think if it refers to use in a HT application and or moderately priced equipment; toslinc does just fine. For expensive 2ch--- most pieces don't even have toslinc as an option.--For a good reason.
Thank you all, for the information. In my HT I am using component between the DVD and the 32" Sony Wega and the video is great, everything else is RCA including my "music only" system. I have the connection option to go XLR, RCA, or toslink for the audio in the HT, and XLR, or RCA in the "music only", and I am wondering if I should try the XLR connections?

Thanks again, Dave.