Newbe needs advice, RCA/XLR, Toslink/S-Video

Hello all:

Is there a "rule of thumb" regarding interconnect terminations and the quality of the signal? For instance, can the different styles/devices be rated "up-grade-at-all-cost" "better", "best" (in ascending order)?

As my thread title indicates, I am new at this high end stuff and some of my recent up-grades allow connections I am not familiar with ie; XLR vs RCA and Component vs Toslink vs S-Video.

Thanks in advance for any advise or direction.


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Thank you all, for the information. In my HT I am using component between the DVD and the 32" Sony Wega and the video is great, everything else is RCA including my "music only" system. I have the connection option to go XLR, RCA, or toslink for the audio in the HT, and XLR, or RCA in the "music only", and I am wondering if I should try the XLR connections?

Thanks again, Dave.