NewB needs help

I'm torn between the Proceed HPA3 and Odyssey Stratos DualMono. Would love to get some opinions as I have to drive very far just to hear the Proceed (already heard the Stratos). Will be pushing B&W CDM 7NT's. Thanks for your help.
I have not heard the Odyssey. I am familiar with the Proceed. Everyone can jump in and disagree, especially Proceed owners who will be offended. I find Proceed to be very dry sounding. The B&W's may offset this as they are plummy in the bass. Tell us more. How big the room, how loud do you listen, cables etc. As I learned a long time ago, everything makes a difference. Good advice can only be given with good input data. Tell us more.
Best of Luck,
OK, don't laugh. Remember, I'm new to this.

Room dimensions are apprx. 16'x24' w/ 12' ceilings. Source is Sony DVP-C600D via optical to Denon 3803. Fronts are currently powered by B&K ST140 while a CDM CNT and 1NT rears are running off the inline amps. Interconnects are either Monster or Esoteric Audio (can't remember which model but were the top when I bought them). I bought the speaker wire 14 years ago and have no idea what it is. It was recommended by the shop in Simi Valley when I bought my old Mission Argonauts.

I'm 80/20 music/movie. I listen pretty loud when I do my serious listening and only in 2 channel "Pure Direct" using the Denon as a pre/pro. A friend told me that the Denon's rather cryptic dB volume indicator is at "reference" level when it hits "0.0" Whether this is true or not I have no idea. I'm rarely at zero, usually -7dB, which is damn loud even with my rather inefficient B&W's.

Will the Odyssey or Proceed (or any other recommendations up to $2K) be a waste because the Denon will hinder any advantages? Honestly my B&K doesn't make that much of a difference, obviously otherwise I wouldn't be replacing it. I love tubes but w/ a 4yr old and 2yr old, they simply aren't practical at this stage.

Thanks for your advice.